Market News CNBC Today

Market News CNBC Today

According to last improvements on market news CNBC is so reliable with analysis and expert professionals.  Today European stock market value is increased. Because of last improvements between China and US, are increased hope in market.

Today headlines are stuck to trade tariffs and sanction news between two trade giant, US and China. Euro zone market value move higher amid trade deal hopes.

According to last market news CNBC US President Trump said: “He has a demand for push back the time for trade tariffs until 1 March if the conditions become appropriate for two country.” In the shade of this positive air, European stock market values move higher position during early day.

Market Expectation Today

  • The two giant trade leader country have to solve their disagreements over trade.
  • Renewed hopes made a positive impact on stock market all over Europe Zone,
  • The European Zone common stock market which is also known as Stoxx 600 has gained about %0.4 during Wednesday early hours in morning.
  • European Zone has massive auto stock that is related with China based corporation, get high with the rate of %07 after new optimist hopes to new deal for trade,

Another Improvements during Day in Euro Zone

  • Another improvements in Euro Zone stock market news CNBC, is shared from Sweden. Kindred Group of Sweden, has the record with value for all-time in last quarter of 2018.
  • ABN Amro fall down unexpectedly during last period of 2018.

Last view of European stock market is as follows:

  • EO: Price is measured now about 38.16 and the measured change is %1.22.
  • HEIA: Price value of HEIA now about 85.46 and the value increased with %5.19.
  • FR: Price is measured with 24.95. Increasing value is about %0.31.
  • CAC: Price of CAC index is measured now about 5069.94. Increasing is detected as %12.49.

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