Should you use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s first peer-to-peer crypto-currency, which is not controlled by any central or government issuing agency.  There are several reasons why you should use bitcoin. Let us have a look.

Most secure online program

The bitcoin algorithm is a very tough which is literally difficult to get. Till now, no one has been able to find any weakness of this online program. Moreover, no hacking has been reported.

No issue of inflation

Bitcoins rates are predetermined at the time of creation and they don’t get affected by any government or political policy related to currency. In the real world, currencies lose a small percent of their worth every year, but the price of bitcoin seems unaffected and only getting higher.

Low transaction fees as well as service charges

The bitcoin is based on P2P or peer-to-peer transactions, which means no service charges as well as transaction fees. There is low bitcoin forex rate. You have to pay high rates of fees and charges in banks for every transaction, but in bitcoin the charge is very less for facilitating transactions.

Low risk of crash currency

As we all know that currency is attached to a government and depends on the stability of that government. When government falls, currency also falls or become worthless. You worked so hard to earn money, which one-day becomes worthless. Bitcoin is not related to any government or central authority and it doesn’t allow any third party to interfere with its value. Bitcoin price or money stays as long as the Internet exists and it will value forever.

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