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In Europe, many stock exchange today had an excellent performance.  Dispute that is occurred between China and US, made a positive impact on European stock exchange market in all over the Europe Zone. Closing index is seen 361.12 point in Stoxx Europe 600. Other improvements in stock market in Europe Zone can be list as follows.

  • In France CAC 40 index increased with %1.07 and reached to point of 5.014.47,
  • In Germany DAX 30 index increased with %0,99 and reached to point of 11.014,59,
  • In UK FTSE 100 index increased with %0.82 and reached to point of 7.129,11 level.

Stock Exchange Affected with What in Euro Zone

Today, a meeting was held between China and US in order to make clear trade tariffs that implied China by US Government. In the shade of meeting, stock market today increased. As you know the trade war that is continued by China and US, cost to world around billion dollars. It is hoped by all over world to end this mess between to country.

Stock Market also focused on another meeting that will held between Michel Barnier and Xavier Bettel to discuss Brexit process. Lastly Euro Zone have a meeting that will held in Brussels.

Why Stock Markets are so nervous about Trade Tariffs

In euro zone and another field, especially in economy, the effect of the economic sanctions that is implied by US to China and its allies, very damaging. Many country has a network trade with China for both import and exports. This uncertainty lead to uneasiness for stock market today.

Another important point is the data about UK’s growth rate and industry. All investments focused on official statement about UK information that include last quarter of the year.  Tensions and hopes are both together felt in recent days in Euro Zone stock market.

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