Today Market News in Europe

Today Market News in Europe

To get informed about market news in Europe you can read this article. Euro zone has two important topics to face. One of them is trade tariffs affair between US and China. This subject is tough for stock market which is placed all over the world. Another point is Brexit deal process among UK government and Euro Zone officials.

In the shade of two master topics, markets in Europe is shaped today like that:

  • AEX (Amsterdam Market): Value of the market is measured on 536.35. Market value increased about %0.37.
  • CAC 40 (Paris Market): Value of the market is measured on 5079.19. Market value increased about %0.45.
  • DAX (Frankfurt Market): Germany based market’s value is measured with 11215.62. The increasing is also measured with %0.80.
  • Euro Stoxx (Pan European): 3207.13 valued market increased today with the rate of %0.51.

UK Market News Today

UK related market news are intensive today. Both internal and external improvements are effective on stock market in UK. The main issues will be given in turn.

  • US government let the trade sanctions on China to slide another month,
  • Slowing Global Growth rises the risks on Economy. Carney who is head of national bank of England, urges the Theresa May to solve Brexit,
  • Second shutdown for US government is not accepted by officials,
  • Brexit dilemma is one of the reason for firms to recession.

What is the Last Situation of UK Stock Market?

After mention about important tasks for UK, let’s talk investigate on UK market news today. Market data and last improvements are like that:

  • FTSE 100 (London): London based stock market has the value of 7167.66. Today the changing is going on with the rate of %48.
  • FTSE 200 (London): London based market’s value is measured with 18920.12. The increasing is also measured with %0.51.

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